Japanese Minimalist Furniture - American Red Oak Wood

Japanese Minimalist Furniture - American Red Oak Wood

Solid wood furniture is delicate and simple, and its temperature and texture are unmatched by leather furniture. There are many furniture woods on the market, and oak is one of the most familiar woods. Oak, also known as oak, belongs to the Quercus family. According to the characteristics and characteristics of wood species, oak can be divided into white oak and red oak, and the oak produced in the United States is the highest quality. The mountain-shaped wood grain of American oak is clear and natural. It is an ideal wood for making wood-colored furniture and is very popular among home art lovers.

Characteristics and advantages of American red oak

Solid wood furniture can enhance the style of the home, and American red oak furniture is the best choice for Japanese simple style homes. Because the wood grain has beautiful and natural characteristics, it comes with a full light red color and does not need to be dyed. The furniture is made Full of freshness and simplicity. Another characteristic of American red oak is that the wood is very hard. As long as it is coated with protective wood wax oil, it can become beautiful and durable solid wood furniture. American red oak is of high quality and has many advantages, whether it is used to make bed frames, wooden cabinets, or coffee tables, dining chairs, it is your best choice.

Cuckooo Home American red oak furniture presents natural beauty

The American red oak furniture of Cuckooo Home retains the natural original wood color and is coated with waterproof German OSMO wood wax oil on the surface to make the furniture durable. Cuckooo Home furniture is made by Malaysia's first-class solid wood craftsmen with dovetail tenon technique. The tenon-in furniture composed of trapezoidal wooden pieces is more stable and heavy-duty than furniture connected by screws. Even after decades of use, it will not loosen. Our American red oak furniture not only has the advantage of being beautiful and durable, but also meets the E1 formaldehyde emission standard certified by the European Union, ensuring that it is harmless to your family and pets. In addition to buying a series of high-quality solid wood furniture on the website, you can also visit our Kwun Tong furniture showroom.

Now when you purchase American red oak furniture and other furniture over $5,000, you can enjoy a 5% discount, and you can enjoy a 10% discount when you spend $10,000. Enjoy shopping!