Characteristics and advantages of Malaysian rubber wood

High-quality wood from the rubber kingdom──Malaysian rubber wood

Hong Kong's rubber wood mainly comes from China, Thailand and Malaysia, among which the rubber wood produced in Malaysia is the best. Malaysia is the country that started the production of rubber wood earlier. The local forestry, felling, processing and pest control procedures have undergone strict quality control to ensure that the hardness and wear resistance of Malaysian rubber wood products meet the production standards. The good quality of Malaysian rubber wood over the years has received positive reviews from users all over the world, which has also given Malaysia a reputation as the "Rubber Kingdom".

Characteristics and advantages of Malaysian rubber wood

The annual output of rubber wood in Malaysia is very high, because the local area is hot and rainy, with an average annual rainfall of more than 1150 mm, and its high temperature and humidity characteristics are particularly suitable for planting Malaysian rubber wood. Malaysian rubber wood is hardwood, and has the advantages of light wood color, toughness, and high hardness. As long as it is coated with water-proof wood wax oil, it can be made into strong and wear-resistant furniture. Malaysian rubber wood has received very good reviews internationally, because its price is more affordable than other woods. With its hard and durable characteristics, it is most suitable for making solid wood furniture such as TV cabinets, coffee tables and dining chairs.

Give you the best quality Malaysian rubber wood furniture

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