Walnut and oak wood are recognized as one of the strongest and durable woods that carves well and holds its shape for years to come. With proper maintenance and care, furniture made from walnut and oak wood can easily last a lifetime. With that said, the walnut and oak wood sourced from the United States is the best.

Why walnut wood furniture

Walnut has the reputation of being "the nobility among hardwoods", and is often valued for its strength, durability and rich brown colour. Moreover, the adaptability of walnut wood makes it an excellent choice for furniture, like functional office furniture with contemporary designs, such as work tables and TV cabinets. The furniture made from walnut wood has a stunning vivid natural colour and yearly ring patterns that sometimes resemble waves or curls. While there are many different kinds of walnut wood trees, only a few are native to North America - the American Black Walnut. What's more, walnut wood furniture is not only beautiful, but it's also antibacterial, anti-termite and corrosion-resistant.

Why oak wood furniture

Oak wood is solid and durable, which makes it great for resisting everyday wear and tear. Moreover, the natural beauty of the oak wood fits almost seamlessly into any home style, no matter your aesthetic. The timeless durability of oak wood furniture means you can keep your pieces in your décor as long as you want them. While there are over 600 kinds of oak, the quality of American oak is especially revered. Whether you want to create a Nordic or Japanese minimalist style, or a luxurious mansion, oak wood furniture is your best choice.

Here at Cuckooo Home, we provide a collection of high-quality, affordable walnut and oak wood furniture, such as walnut cabinets, walnut dressing tables, and oak tables that are rare in the market. All of our furniture is made with walnut and oak wood grown in the United States and processed in Malaysia - a country known for their first-class wood craftsmen. Beautiful and durable, each product uses the exquisite dovetail tenon process. No matter your home decor style, we have an option for you.

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